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Have you been struggling with trying to make changes in your life but don't see them? Have your old ways of doing things become unsuccessful? Well if you haven't realized it yet, times have changed and the way you used to do things no longer will work in the new world.
As a Spiritual Success Mentor, I am your coach, advisor, and teacher to help you see the things that are happening in the spirit, your spirit, and/or the soul that you do not see which are acting as roadblocks, barriers, sabotaging behaviors and creating negative experiences that thwart your overall happiness, success, and prosperity. We don't always hear or discern properly the information being given to us in the spirit to be able to make the right changes for our blessings to flow. This is the value of having a Spiritual Coach or Mentor. I am able to see, discern and interpret the things in the Spirit and help you to incorporate them into your life for your highest good.
This is the season of instant manifestation; we have to monitor our thoughts, words, and beliefs more than ever before - and it all begins within you, in the spirit!
What is my story?
I was a suicidal, fearful, wounded young girl, displaced from my family to live with my absent alcoholic father, where I bounced around his girlfriends and relatives all the while suffering with crippling feelings of abandonment, worthlessness, hopelessness, insecurity, rejection & criticism, low self-worth, fear of love, and basically fear of the world. Combined with a spirit of lack, poverty,  brokenness,  and so much more, God took me on a long, spiritually confounding, supernatural, soul-stripping,  inexplainably exhausting journey to make me into the queen he intended me to be; a woman of great power, love, generosity, self-confidence, royalty, insurmountable faith, grace, strength, and humility. Uncovering the many gifts and talents He gave, he prepared me through his wisdom &  guidance to be able to teach and heal others.

I have been able to help many over the years to overcome hidden fears, uncover hidden blocks, and achieve unexpected and shocking results through this spiritual process of spiritual healing and teaching. It's not a scary process², each person is on their own path so no one's journey is the same. 

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The S.O.A.R America
An online video series

S.O.A.R. America was created for the gifted, the displaced, the unsupported, lost, overly shy, abused, and for fostered youth (between the ages of 16-25) who are interested in pursuing the Performing Arts.

This program is designed to assist in discovering one's gifts and talents, purpose, building healthy self-esteem and confidence, providing direction, and guidance, and helping create a path to achieve your greatest potential in life through your talents & gifts.

Our desire is to help you discover the greatness within yourself, so that you may be able to eventually share that greatness with the world in the manner you were created to.

*This is a God-based - spiritual (non-religious) program.

In 2020, Covid changed how we do business in America. To adapt to these changing times, we have put our program into a 30-video series and made it available online that youth all across the world can benefit from our amazing program.

Our academy was designed to support building healthy self-esteem, providing guidance and tools to succeed, and assisting YOUTH in pursuing their dreams in the Performing Arts.

If you are struggling with understanding and owning your gifts & talents, and/or getting them out to the world to enjoy, this is the perfect place to start.

Talent alone is not enough. 

There are many facets to the Arts & Entertainment industry. Knowing who you are and what you want is key!

If you are suffering from self-doubt, or depression, or have had thoughts of hopelessness, helplessness, and/or suicide, please consider taking this course.

This course was created specifically with you in mind. Too often gifted youth go unnoticed, passed over, discounted, or not taken seriously in their struggle, and depression turns to suicidal thoughts. It is proven, when you are engaged in activities you enjoy, you are more likely to develop self-confidence, hope, and self-value. While discovering your gifts, creating a vision for a foreseeable future, and having a plan to achieve it with the support and guidance you need, you CAN overcome it all!

Our Program

Phase 1:     Curriculum - The "Meat & Gravy" 

(upstairs - classrooms)

Strategically designed classes to build positive self-esteem, teach life skills, and basic universal laws for personal & over-all

success in life. Offer assistance in career selection and guidance, honing their gifts and talents and discovering their individual purpose.

Phase 2:      Enrichment - The "Cake & Icing"

(downstairs/Youth Center)

Hands-on training in the performing arts to practice and perfect their craft in a professional environment with professional equipment, booths, and recording studio FREE to S.O.A.R. students.

Phase 3"The SHOW" Live Production

Performances are done in-house and on tour. Stage on the main floor for in-house performances, rehearsals, and stage training. To become a (Positive Inspirational Message Performer) Spread your own personal message through powerful, positive, progressive messages through your craft. Travel internationally, internship/participate in live show productions, skills and training in venues, become a role model, spread your own message in a powerful production, and lifelong membership in our program/team.

Mentor Give Back:  Ability to meet positive, successful, professional artists in their particular field. These artists have signed on to "give back" by offering one or more 1-hr group sessions to talk intimately with our youth about their craft. (music, dance, spoken word, comedy, etc)

Only students in the "Enrichment" phase may sign up for any artist on our "Mentor Give Back" Calendar."

Musical Instrument Library: available for students who do not own their own instruments. May check out for the time they are practicing on S.O.A.R. grounds.

Talent PoolOur students are able to sign up in our talent pool for availability to interested agencies outside after they have completed and graduated from the Curriculum Phase.

Show Production Preparedness: Internship preparedness is offered for students who are interested in learning and working on the production.

Artist DevelopmentProviding professional feedback for students' performance, delivery, content, attitude, presentation, image, and all aspects needed to be polished and professional.

Foster YouthA program specifically for foster youth who will 'age out' and prepare them for a career outside of foster care. Additionally, for those youth who are 'displaced' and are living outside of their family home environment, similar to that of foster youth.

The S.T.A.R. ProgramStarbucks Training Apprenticeship Reward Program is an agreement with Starbucks Coffee Company to hire our S.O.A.R. graduates who have successfully trained in our coffee shop, and place them in a management track program from barista to store manager, allowing the foster/displaced youth to have a career path upon exiting the foster care system, and high school.

*Foster youth 'age out' at 18 yrs of age when the foster care system releases them and they are suddenly on their own. Most of these youth have been shifted from home to home, city to city, and school to school with no foundation or security, therefore leaving them without the convenience to dream or plan their futures due to the constant attention to their continuous state of survival, upheaval, and readjustment to the many new experiences in their lives.

Betterment Of Music & Arts Center

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