Stand Out And Rise


Where Self-Expression Meets Integrity!

"Creating A New Generation of Leaders"

Our Mission

Our Mission at S.O.A.R. (Stand Out And Rise ) America is to heal the hearts and minds of the youth interested in the performing arts who have been affected by homelessness, displaced or broken families, foster care, or poverty by building positive self-worth through education and guidance.
The S.O.A.R. America program also parallels as a Youth Suicide Prevention Program providing youth something positive to focus on, discussing various topics pertaining to depression and overcoming it, and helping them discover and focus on their gifts and dreams, providing support and tools to succeed in life.
Often highly-gifted youth go unnoticed, talents lie dormant and untapped from lack of support, guidance, knowledge, and self-esteem, or often the individual simply does not know how to navigate in the world and therefore gets lost in the trenches. S.O.A.R. America is a resource for the gifted, the wounded, and the lost souls, support for the unseen, and undeveloped, and guidance for the untapped, dormant talented artists.
We believe the creative arts are God's gift and tool for man to overcome, succeed, heal, teach, and SOAR! Stand Out and Rise America!
“Train up a child in the way he should go and when he grows old he will not depart from it.”

Our Vision

Our Vision is to positively impact the Music, Arts & Entertainment industries by Creating A New Generation of Leaders – Where Creative Expression Meets Integrity! Transforming the lives of youth by providing tools and hope to the new generation allowing them to see themselves, their lives, their future, and others in an entirely new & positive light thereby profoundly impacting their creative expression, which will ultimately impact the world.
Our vision is that SOAR America artists are the new standard, setting precedence for excellence and integrity in their work, and where other artists and professionals seek out Soar America graduates for the excellence they embody and represent in all their work. Being that artists express what their inner reality is, it is no wonder how the industry became what it is today. By positively impacting the self-worth, hope, and guidance of our up & coming artists, we will profoundly impact the trajectory of our world through the Arts, one creative expression at a time.

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Do you feel like you belong in the Arts?

Do you feel you have a gift, talent, or something inside you need to share but don't know what or how?

Do you feel you have no one to help or guide you?

Do you have no support system or family, fostered or displaced?

Do you wish you had a mentor or someone to help you with your goals, your talents, etc?

Do you feel isolated from others, and wish you belonged to a group much like yourself?

Do you feel hopeless, helpless, and want to give up?

This program is for you!