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"From Slave To Queen"

This story is God's story. In this detailed depiction of a journey from slave to a queen, a soul that was traumatized by many childhood and life experiences, how God uses relationships to heal our soul, to draw us closer to him, to ourselves, and to overcome the many obstacles within the soul that keep us from our highest potential and enlightenment with Him. 

God uses relationships and allows trials between his children to reflect the problems within each of us. In Heaven, we are one with Him and ourselves. But here on earth, in the body, we can give and receive energetically from one another, which helps grow and develop our souls. This labor of love is to show how God works in our lives to call us closer to Him, strengthen us, and strip us from the things that destroy us so that He may build us from within to reveal to us the true power and magnitude of love we all have within us. And through this relationship with Him, He reveals His great plans for us and how that may make a difference in the world and the lives around us. Out of the painful road of life sprouts a delicious fruit basket by His plan.


"How God Spoke To Me"

This book is a compilation of real-life experiences of how God revealed himself and spoke to me through visions, dreams, angelic messages, insights, revelations, and incomprehensible circumstances designed for my growth, healing, and enlightenment. And how God desires to speak to us in ways that are unbelievable to others but call us to a closer walk with Him. God's desire for us is to see Him in our circumstances and go to Him for instruction, guidance, and healing because it is only through Him that we will have the power to understand and overcome. For our lives are designed by Him for your good and the good of those He has called to you. I hope you can feel confirmed and validated in your experiences, knowing it has been God all along.


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A quick guide in

"Overcoming Our Weaknesses

For Our Gifts"

I have put together a quick reference to help those who are undergoing the sometimes challenging pursuit of operating in their gifts. Although our gifts are given by God, that does not mean we automatically have the confidence to carry them out in the manner they were intended to be. Sometimes we have to face our fears, weaknesses, and shortcomings. I hope this will help you begin your journey to be successful in yours.        


A quick reference for

"How To Raise A Good Kid

In A Difficult & Challenging World"

This is a mini-booklet for parents to have a simple and easy guide to assist in the planet's most important and life-altering job. There are so many wonderful tools and ways to raise a child, so I have taken the ones I have used, those of generations passed, and of successful and well-loved parents I have had the pleasure of learning from that have made all the difference in the world for me, my children, and all the children I have had the blessing to impact along the way!  


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I dedicate this song to Stephen "tWitch" Boss

(and all who have lost the battle to endure life as they knew it.)


This is the very reason I've dedicated my life to creating a youth center with a suicide prevention program for gifted youth pursuing the Arts who suffer in silence and have no support or family. I know what it's like to be suicidal for most of my youth and into adult life, attempted suicide several times and no one knew. When people don't understand, they judge you. "How could they do that?" they say. It's more than MENTAL ILLNESS. It is a soul issue and it hurts me to hear people judge others in this state. It is a spiritual attack against the soul and a battle for the soul, therefore it must be addressed on the soul level. It is a battle I've faced and won, and for this reason, I can't help but to do what I can for anyone I feel is hurting whom I've come across since.  And if I can teach them something, be an instrument of clarity, understanding, and wisdom that may open a window in their dark room, I will, and I do! It's people like tWitch I've created my program for and makes me sad that I was not able to get to them before a very sad day such as this.  

My sister calls me every time she hears of another celebrity suicide and tells me, "They needed you! You could have saved them." And although we know only God can save a soul, I, however, can at the very least, be his instrument.